Working on the future

Hi blog readers.

Last week we had our last training session together, so now it is obvious that we are getting closer to the end of the traineeprogram. It was great seeing everyone again and listen to how everyone are doing. The training had the theme of culture, which was very interesting and something we are challenged with all the time during the traineeprogram. Since we are moving between different companies and offices all the time.

We also took this oppurtunity, when everyone was gathered, to work on Bank of experience which is something we are doing for the top management of Lantmännen. The task is to gather all our experiences and see what learnings we have that can be valuable for all of Lantmännen. Hopefully we have ideas and learnings that can help Lantmännen to become better and even more sucessful than today.

Sista trainingen

Working hard on how to improve Lantmännen!

Until next time!