Working in Budapest and participating in KRAV-seminar

Hi everybody! Since I last blogged, the work with Distribution Excellence in Budapest has progressed and is now coming to an end. The project was successful and the parties involved are pleased with what has come out of it; some saving proposals and more transparency on logistics and warehouses in the country. It has been a pleasure having had the opportunity to visit Budapest on several occasions, if not for the nice colleagues so for the incredible weather compared to the cold spring in Copenhagen.


Factory visit in Budapest, Hungary. From the left: Louise Sjögren, Pauline Lidberg and Krisztina Birócsák.

One of the warmest evenings during one of our stays, our Hungarian (and Polish) colleagues invited us to a lake an hour’s drive from Budapest city called Lake Balaton. In the pictures you can see the visit to the lake. We enjoyed the sunset, drank lemonade and agreed that it would be very nice to be a tourist around this lake full of sandy beaches!


Dinner at Lake Balaton. From the left: Gergely Gilan, Pauline Lidberg, Krisztina Birócsák, Louise Sjögren and Jerzy Sobieszczuk.


In addition to the placements and their projects, we trainees are also engaged in two strategic group assignments that we are working on together a small portion of our time. I work together with Victoria and Markus on a topic called Green Materials, it primarily means that we are looking at projects that could end up as plastic replacements and also packaging. In connection with this project, I and Markus participated in a seminar that KRAV along with Nordemballage hosted. In the future, the KRAV-rules will be even clearer and more focused on rules for packaging, not just the product inside. It was a very interesting seminar!

Now the summer vacation is approaching fast, I hope you get a lovely summer!

/Pauline Lidberg