Working abroad and biking to work in Copenhagen!

As my trainee colleagues have written in the most recent posts we have changed placements and many of us are abroad within Unibake. I am one of the four trainees belonging to the office in Copenhagen this period (location no 3 in the line of 4).

I currently work on a project within Operations / Supply chain where I, together with colleagues, work with an initiative called Distribution Excellence. The project aims to map the current state of Unibake’s distribution in order to find improvement areas. These areas are then addressed which can hopefully lead to savings and transparency throughout the organization. This initiative is one out of many steps in aligning the Unibake organization across the different markets. The Distribution Excellence is currently focusing on Hungary, so I work a lot at the Unibake plant in Budapest. I learn a great deal about logistics and warehousing! Here you can see a beautiful picture of Budapest and the river Donau where I get the opportunities to go jogging in the mornings during my stays in Budapest!


In addition to the lessons learned from my project I learn a lot by working abroad, which in my case is in Denmark and Hungary. Denmark and Sweden can at first sight be viewed as very similar countries where “we are so close to each other, just a bridge in between!” And yes the countries are close geographically, but I would say that there are quite big differences between the two countries! With a quick “googling” you will find a lot of articles and papers on the various countries’ cultures, where it is mentioned that the consensus behavior that exists in Sweden does not exist in Denmark. Danish behavior is often said to be closer to decision instead of asking everyone’s opinion in order to find consensus. It is also more hierarchical in Denmark than in Sweden.

However, I have been most surprised by how fast the Danes eat their lunch and the incredible bicycle traffic here, the cyclists are very law-abiding! People are waving and marking where they are going and they always lead their bikes over pedestrian crossings. So it is an enjoyable trip biking to work on these bike lanes since the traffic is floating smoothly!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and Valborg!