Winter is coming. And so i rotation 2!

The snow has been falling heavy in Stockholm this week, creating traffic jams and Christmas vibes. The early winter reminds us trainees that period 1 is soon coming to an end and last week we got the news we have been waiting for: our placement for rotation 2. We still have limited information about our project – they all have great titles though – but we do know which part of Lantmännen and which office we will belong to. This means packing the bag for most of us, and in less than a month move according to the arrows in the image below. Exciting isn’t it?

period-2-traineeDuring the resent time when we all have been busy with our projects, two important elections have passed. In the US a new president has been elected and in Sweden the “best sustainability director” has been elected. Even though the picture below is from an afterwork at the Stockholm office the evening before the US election, I’d like to take the moment to say how proud I am to work for a company with such a brilliant sustainability director. One of my biggest reasons to work for Lantmännen was the strategic work with sustainability. The fact that Aktuell Hållbarhet together with a mixed jury chose our Claes Johansson, is for me a pretty strong indication that I’m in the right place.


With that said I wish everyone a great weekend!