Where it all starts!

My first assignment at Lantmännen was about how the harvested grains start their journey within our company. So the start on my personal journey within Lantmännen started with harvested grains on the fields. A perfect way for me to get introduced to the Lantmännen world – from field to fork!

The scope of the project was grain in Skåne, the most southern region in Sweden, and their journey within the agricultural division. Due to structural changes in the southeast parts of Skåne we needed to look over our structure of warehouses within the region and find out where we should have our storage capacity and our grain intakes in the future.

The project not only showed me the start of the harvested grain’s journey within Lantmännen it also took me back to where my family have farmed grains for generations. So for me it was a very special project and a real proof of Lantmännen’s connection to their roots and that we really take responsibility all the way from field to fork.

In October we went on a trip around Skåne visiting our existing facilities and of course Skåne showed its perfect October weather. Do not miss all the photos below.


The view of Österlen from the grain intake in Hammenhög


From the top of the huge silo facility in Helsingborg


The grain intake in Åhus with a green Lantmännen touch and some starch wheat in Hammenhög that will become vodka.


One of Sweden’s largest grain hubs in the harbor of Helsingborg

So I had a great start to my journey within Lantmännen. Now I am placed in Copenhagen with new exciting challenges to come. Keep on following this blog and you will see what I am up to on this side of Öresund.

Until next time!

/Pontus Christerson