When I’m not sitting at my desk

Linköping, Lidköping, Copenhagen x4, Schulstad factory, Malmö, Järna and a course in how to make pralines! What is all this then? It’s the trips and activities I’ve done outside of the HQ office.

The week after I started we had a department evening activity. Our boss Peter really fooledtest.jpg us when he told us that it could be good to bring a change of clothes and something on our heads – we suspected curling, segway… but ended up at a place called Chokladfabriken (the chocolate factory), where we learned how to make chocolate with fillings. What a yummy surprise! After that we headed to a restaurant nearby and had a nice steak meal!

I have also been following Andrea, the trainee from 2011/2012, on some of her meetings in Linköping and Malmö. Her project team does the same as mine, but for seeds and kernels. They are a couple of weeks ahead of us and therefore she invites me to some of their meetings so that I can see how they work and kind of get a sneak peak of what will happen in my project, which is great for me and helps me understand my project better. I also joined some other colleagues to Lidköping to see what it looks like at a feed factory (foderfabrik).

We’ve also been to Järna to visit the mill, pasta factory and “breakfast factory”, where varor.jpgthey do Start! müsli etc. We got a fun goodie bag from them with many Lantmännen products.Since my project team works for Unibake and many of the team members sit at the Unibake head office I’ve been to Copenhagen several times. When I heard that there was a Schulstad factory close to the office I just had to visit it. I brought Kasper along as well, since it was easy for him to come from his office in Malmö. We were completely fascinated of the fresh bread production and had the best guide, who was entertaining, informative and very enthusiastic about his job!

I feel very lucky to travel and see this much of Lantmännen and I must say that all the Lantmännen employees I’ve met have been really excited about their jobs! I can really tell that people feel seen and appreciated here. Next week we will find out where our next placement and project will be, I am so curious!