What makes you special?

It took me some time to decide what to write about in the blog as there are so many things to choose from. But when visiting Arkad, the career fair in Lund, I was asked a question that really got me thinking and all of a sudden I knew exactly what to write about… elin2.jpg

My first thought was to write about my assignment. It’s not that the assignment is not worth writing about. I have been put on a strategic project, looking at improvement possibilities in the supply chain between two of the four divisions at Lantmännen. A project scope that goes well beyond any previous academic and work experiences of mine. Still, that is not what this comment will be about. Another thought I had was to say something about the products in Lantmännen’s portfolio, all the brands that are recognizable to the regular supermarket consumer, maybe? Naw. That’s not gonna be it either.

A day ago (November 9) Lantmännen visited Arkad, the career fair in Lund and I had the pleasure of joining as a company representative. When I was standing in the scene of action I was asked to describe what makes Lantmännen unique as an employer? That really got me thinking. Personally, I feel that what makes Lantmännen unique is the spirit of the company, the friendly company culture. Why not use that as a theme for the blog? Yeah, that will do!

I don’t need to look far for an example; we could start with the group of trainees. I have gained a lot of support from the group and I feel that we are looking up for each other. The trainee network even goes beyond this year’s group. In the preceding two groups the former trainees have regular contact and they are more than willing to share experiences and help out when needed.

Lantmännen is not just a place where you get challenged, are given a lot of responsibility from day one and where you can grow. It is also a place where you feel you want to stay, a place where you are welcomed as part of the team. No one tells you what should be your future goals. But once you decide which way to go, there is lots of support to help you steer towards that goal.

That is what I want this comment to be about – a big celebration to the other trainees and my new colleges. Thank you all for giving me a really great start! And to all of you talented students: I am looking forward to giving you just the same warm welcome if you take on the challenge and join us in the future!