What do I want to be when I grow up?

I think we all have asked ourselves this question at least a few times over the course of our lives. For me (Aron) this question has always been a difficult one, but what I’ve come to realize is that as I gain more experience at least I can check off more and more boxes of what I don’t want to do. However, this question is constantly swimming around in the back of our minds, more so during certain periods of our lives.

As the trainee program is soon coming to an end (one more month to go) us trainees are all thinking about or discussing future possibilities within Lantmännen. Some of us already know what we will do after November 10th; some of us will go abroad, some will further explore opportunities within Sweden, and some has still to decide on the road ahead. What can generally be said though is that there are endless opportunities within Lantmännen and that there are exciting positions for all of us to choose from.

Aron som bagare small

Maybe a future as a baker?


These opportunities comes both from a clear strategy and support in career planning from HR for us trainees but of course also from the strong financial results that Lantmännen continue to deliver. The strong results and growth agenda creates lots of job opportunities, but naturally also gives high refunds and supplementary payments to our owners and help us deliver on our mission to make farming thrive!

It will take a while longer before we can give you the exact answer to the question above for us trainees, however if you stay tuned in to our blog you’ll have part of the answer down the road and maybe some ideas for yourself as well!

With best wishes for the future!

Aron and Joel