Visiting Agroetanol

Hello there! Since the last time I wrote on this blog, placement number two has passed in a flash! All seven trainees are now at the end of our second placement and we are trying to sum up the projects and concretize the results we have come up with.

During my time at Agroetanol I have conducted a survey of some logistical flows at Lantmännen, in order to investigate which flows could be run on a (for Lantmännen) new fuel called ED95. ED95 means 95% ethanol and 5% additives, such as e.g. an ignition improver. ED95 can be used in a diesel engine with some minor changes to it. The fuel has been used for several years by for example buses in Stockholm’s public transportation and is well proven. The ethanol produced by Agroetanol reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to traditional diesel, plus is a renewable fuel. In other words, it is possible to already now drive trucks in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way! For more information:
To give my trainee colleagues a better understanding for what I have been so cheerful about during the last couple of months, I took them on a visit to Agroetanol’s production facility in Norrköping. It was a much appreciated visit where we learned about the process to produce ethanol as well as the side streams that occur and what they can be used for.


After the visit to Agroetanol we went to a large grain storage and reception facility in an area called Djurö outside of Norrköping. We learned about how a grain reception works and what the opportunities and challenges are with such a large facility. To give an understanding for how huge the silos are (12 000 tonnes of capacity in each silo and there were 20 of them), I can tell you that it takes one day to empty one silo, and a truck full of grain generates only a little scraper at the bottom of one of these silos. The group was completely fascinated by the capacity and thought it was very interesting to hear about the work at this facility. Below you can see us at the top of the out loading and some of the twenty silos in the area.


You might notice the absence of a person in the picture and that is Kasper who had other important activities that day. Also, if you think you see a face that you have not seen before, it is because Mikaela joined us for the day. Mikaela does an internship with us at Lantmännen and we were happy to have her with us!
Over and out, next you will hear from me in the third trainee placement at Unibake in Denmark!

/Pauline Lidberg