Visiting a job fair

An example of an assignment as a trainee is to visit job fairs and meet students to show what we at Lantmännen are doing within our business. This week I visited something called ARKAD, which is a job fair at Lunds Tekniska Högskola, LTH (Faculty of Engineering at Lund University). The school is my previous place of study so I met a lot of familiar faces and surroundings during my visit!


Last week several job fairs around the country took place and I visited ARKAD. It was in many aspects very exciting. Thanks to my visit I got to try ”standing on the other side” as a representative for a company instead of talking to company representatives as a student. Something that felt surprisingly natural and at the same time very strange! It was just a moment ago I was walking around at ARKAD thinking about what I wanted to work with when I graduated and what the employees of the various companies actually do during the day. I could really put myself in the students’ situation as they had many questions and concerns about what it really means to work at Lantmännen.

For me it is still quite difficult to give an overall picture of the variety of tasks that this company can offer so I tried to show the breadth of Lantmännen’s business and actually several times used our slogan: “from field to fork”! The students at LTH were very interested in what kind of opportunities we offer within thesis writing, our Summer Internship, the Graduate Trainee Program, as well as opportunities to work with product development within the food industry.


/Pauline Lidberg