Training module 1 : “Self Leadership”


This week we had our first training module, which was a perfect occasion to gather all together in Stockholm.


It has been 2 months since we met as a group and it was fantastic to see everyone and share experiences from our first assignments. At events like this you can really feel the advantage of being such a big group, where everyone is going through a journey so similar yet so different from your own.


Sharing experiences after the second training day is over…



The topic of this training module was “Self Leadership”, where we got to know each other even better, but most importantly discovered ourselves (no matter how cliché this sounds). Overall, very inspiring three days with a perfect mix of some deep conversations, workshops and fun.


Axel, me, Pontus and Robert (behind the camera) were very proud of our paper tower:)




Robert and Aron just had some cake, which explains those happy smiles




Beautiful Autumn in Stockholm contributed to great memories from these 3 days



Inspired and motivated Anna 😉