Training and Treasury

It is a cliché I used before, but time has really gone fast since starting my professional life at Lantmännen. My third project is more than halfway through and in a way it just feels like I just started my first project in Lantmännen. This time I write about trainings in Copenhagen, how it is working at the headquarter and my short-lived career as a salesman!

A great advantage of the program is that you see different cultures at many different levels of Lantmännen. Now being at a cross-functional division at the headquarter I got a more holistic picture of Lantmännen and how the different parts work together. Just in my short period at Treasury I have learned a whole lot about Lantmännen Aspen, Lantmännen Agroetanol in Norrköping and the agricultural division in Malmö.

As Markus wrote in his blog post last week all trainees were at a common training in Copenhagen. We learned a lot of interesting stuff about change management. Honestly I have always been a bit skeptical about management courses at university, but when you learn about how it is applied in real life it actually opened my eyes for how these tools can be useful in situations where you need roll out new strategies and major changes. Of course it was also nice to be back in my home country where I used the opportunity to visit some good friends in the weekend.

After the training in Copenhagen Fredrik, Ebba and I took the chance to work on our Strategic Group Assignment (SGA). You might know this by now, but SGA is a project we work on in a group of 3 to 4 trainees alongside the individual trainee projects. I work with Fredrik, Ebba and Kajsa on a project for Lantmännen Maskin and after the training we visited a repair shop in Staffanstorp and a large farm in the southern part of Skåne.

AXA in Mora


On another note; I actually forgot to write about my short-lived career as an AXA salesman. During my project at Cerealia I got the chance to go to Mora and sell AXA’s newest products at Vasaloppsmässen. Since I was running Vasaloppet (90 km cross-country race in Sweden) this was a good and convenient opportunity to see how customers view both Lantmännen and AXA. And honestly I think AXA’s new apricot and blueberry oatmeal added extra speed on my journey from Sälen to Mora, but then again by now I am pretty biased 🙂