#Training 3


Last week we were reunited again and accompanied together with our trainer Adam from MIL institute to reflect and discuss the topics of sales, marketing, and change management. A filled schedule to dissect the subjects and get to know more about everyone’s assignments. Linnea and Robert had during their previous projects been working with marketing at Cerealia respectively Unibake US, and they had prepared two tricky and exciting cases for the rest of us during the first day.


During our second day we got two interesting visitors, Håkan Pettersson, Managing Director of the Machinery division and Pia Jensen from Unibake Schulstad in Denmark. Great to gain insights of their daily business as well as hearing two perspectives on sales and marketing from different divisions!


Aron and Robert reflecting upon change management during a walk-and-talk session. Very giving and appreciated days together!


Until next time!

Helena and Robert