Training #2

Hello everyone!

As you probably have already noticed we are back on track again with the blog after a short break over Christmas and New Year.

This week we have gathered again in Stockholm for a three day training session focusing on the topic of Supply Chains. Not only have we all gained some new insights, challenged old beliefs or realized something new about ourselves, it has also been nice to be gathered again as a group. I for one feel this is something we are very privileged in having the chance to do as we get to learn new things about the other trainees’ projects and also possibilities to discuss how approach different issues, both professional and personal.20170123_111757

The first day of the training ended with an activity with limited time that in the end resulted in a fantastic dinner. For me it was interesting to see what happened to us, our roles and how we acted under stress. The fact that we also pulled through and delivered a good result in spite of a chaotic start also gave us a lot to discuss the following day.

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Take care!