Trainee, then what?

It’s already half a year since the trainee program finished and we are settling into our new roles. New trainees are on the way in (we are all very excited to meet them!) and so we decided to make the most of the blog login while we still have it and send a little greeting from our new jobs!


Victoria Strategic buyer, Group Supply Chain, Stockholm

After the graduate trainee program I ended up at the department where I did my very first assignment. I now work with sourcing projects for the whole Lantmännen group and I really enjoy my job. It includes many different tasks such as analyzing internal needs and the supplier market, setting up tendering processes, and negotiating contracts and prices. I have the opportunity to meet many people both at Lantmännen and externally. Through the graduate trainee program I have acquired great knowledge about Lantmännen and have gotten to know many people, which has been particularly helpful in the transition into my new role.


Kasper Category Controller, Lantmännen Cerealia, Stockholm, Food Sector

After the trainee program I started working at Cerealia. I got a job as Category Controller for the new and upcoming Ready to Eat (RTE) category. On the retail side of Cerealia the company is divided up in four categories (Baking, Breakfast, Cooking and RTE). Each category is responsible of a portfolio of products and as you might have guessed baking is mainly flour and mixes and RTE is ready meals, pancakes and snacking. We just launched the Havrekvikk which is delicious and you have to try! As a controller I am basically the numbers guy in my category. I have my excel finger in all from monthly reporting, forecast and budget to calculating effects of new strategic decisions. I continue to learn a lot and the trainee program really gave my head start in my Lantmännen career!


Pauline Lidberg– Business Development Manager, Lantmännen Reppe, Energy Sector, Stockholm/Växjö/Lidköping

When the trainee program came to an end I started working within the Energy sector and more specifically Reppe. Reppe can somewhat be called bio refinery that creates Value from wheat by having one flow of raw material (wheat) which then is separated into different components and converted into several products. The main products are potable alcohol, glucose syrup, dried and modified starch, gluten and feed material. My role involves working with strategy for Reppe and how the businesses can be developed. To give some examples that can mean working with market research, investigation into abolition of production quotas, material balance between different products and optimization of these. I am very pleased with my position where I learn a lot and get to work with several exiting products and markets! I spend my days at HQ in Stockholm or Växjö and Lidköping where Reppe’s two production sites are located. Who would have thought that after years of studying in Lund and an international trainee program I would be working only 20 km away from my hometown Skara!? 🙂


Markus Category Supply Planner, Lantmännen Cerealia, Malmö, Food Sector

Just as the other guys I also started working at Cerealia after the trainee program, and it suits me perfectly. As Category Supply planner, I am responsible for the Meal solutions category, which includes Cooking and Ready to Eat. My main tasks is production and supply planning for our productions sites and to drive the centralization process at Cerealia. Right now, we are focusing on rolling out our S&OP process and shifting focus to more strategic work. I really thrive in my role where I get to work closely with both production, marketing and sales and there is always something going on that gets the adrenaline going. I learned a lot during the trainee program and thought it was a great opportunity to try different roles and jobs to find something that really suits me. However, it feels like I just started my adventure at Lantmännen and the next adventure is probably just around the corner….

As Kasper mentioned, don’t forget to try our new Havrekvikk…


Ebba – Category Specialist, Lantmännen Unibake International, Stockholm/Copenhagen, Food Sector

After the trainee program I remained at KRAFFT horse feed as a consultant for a couple of months, before starting my new role in the global marketing team of Unibake. With a mix of Danes, Brits, Belgians and Swedes and working with all of our markets, it is a very international environment. Skype is an integral part of everyday life and the carry-on is never unpacked. My role is huge fun with a wide variety of assignments – but largely I run projects and so my first big delivery was last week in arranging a three-day workshop for development chefs from seven countries, agencies and photographers to capture the magic and hopefully you’ll see the result advertised soon! The trainee program was definitely the door-opener for this job; the fact that I already knew the organisation and many of my colleagues made it easier to get in and start working from day one. It is intense and a lot of travelling, I don’t have routines, an office desk or every-day colleagues but I have great fun, learn a lot and get a great deal of variation!


Fredrik Project Leader, Business Development, Lantmännen Cerealia, Stockholm, Food Sector

After the trainee program I got an employment where I had my last placement, in Cerealia’s Business Development team. I really enjoy it here and my days are filled with strategy work and executing a lot of fuzzy front end ideas which pop up in the heads of our Cerealia management team. The type of projects I work with is very diverse, some days I hold workshops to drive our acquisition strategy, other days I might explore new category opportunities or help forming strategies for our focus areas within the grain value chain. What I really like with this position is the freedom of thought and action it entails and that I need to have full focus on our internal capabilities and strategic directions, but also keep an eye on external opportunities and market changes.


Kajsa Assistant Product Manager, Lantmännen Cerealia Foodservice, Stockholm, Food Sector

For me, one of the greatest takeaways from the trainee program was how and what I enjoy working with. I realized I wanted to work close to the business and the customers within marketing and sales and I ended up within the foodservice part of Cerealia which works with customers such as private restaurants and kitchens within the public sector. My responsibilities include all trade marketing within foodservice, as well as project managing our largest brand building projects such as “SkolmatsGastro – SM i Skolmat” (The Swedish Championship for school chefs) as well as Pizza-SM (the Swedish championship for pizza-chefs). I enjoy being hands on in my work, having many different persons as points of contact and I am constantly learning new things!