Trade show in Amsterdam and road cycling in Copenhagen

The third period is coming to an end and hence the workload is somehow increasing. Seems that it doesn’t matter how well structured your project plan is with timeline and milestones, it always seems like the increase of work at the end of the placement is unavoidable. Or maybe it’s just me.. Apart from the end of the projects approaching, so is Vätternrundan, the 300km bike race that I am supposed to participate in next weekend…

Two weeks ago, I got the opportunity to join the sales team to PLMA (Private Label Manufacturers Association). PLMA is a trade show in Amsterdam that includes around 4200 exhibitor stands and is visited by 12000 people. I visited a lot of stands and tried to get a feeling for the private label baking industry. I ended up with an industry summary, new personal record on my step counter and chafed feet…

amster mässa.jpg

During the days in Amsterdam, I stayed with our brand manager Phil and a photographer, Brian, in a beautiful townhouse in the center of Jordaan. Amsterdam is a really beautiful city and I will definitely go there again, but without having to spend all days at a trade show.


These recent days, the parts of my brain that isn’t occupied by processing work related issues, is starting to get really focused/prepared/nervous because next Friday 8.20 PM it’s time for VÄTTERNRUNDAN! To be honest, I haven’t had time to prepare as much as I would have liked to. Anyhow, it feels like I have had enough to complete the race and hopefully finish in a time to be proud of. Copenhagen is a great place though for riding your bike, both to work and for exercise. The route from Copenhagen to Helsingør along the coast and the tour around Kalvebod Fælled is two favorites!


Keep your fingers crossed for me and the black danger next Friday!