The world of flour

This Wednesday, colleagues from Cerealia, R&D, and the grain unit met at the mill in Malmö to entroll a “baking class workshop”. The trainees at agricultural division; Anna, Aron, and Helena joined to get a better understanding of our various opportunities when it comes to how we can create a better baking experience for our customers.


The workshop was organized by Jan Poulsen (picture) with the help of the product developers Christer Nordh and Conny Modig with the aim to show the participants how different steps in the baking process affects the end result. From choosing of raw materials, food additives, measurements, kneading time and intensity, proofing time and technique as well as oven types. The participants were split into six different groups that all baked using different raw materials and/or techniques in order to visualize the striking differences in result.


This was a great day, not only to have unlimited crunches of the tasty breads, but how we we can create superior flour products by collaborating cross-functionally and utilize the expertise in our organization and realize our true potential from field to fork.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Aron and Helena