The Super Seven (Guest blogger)

Three and a half months passed in a heartbeat. At least it feels like it did. I would guess that the trainee gang will agree with that.

For me, “standing on the sideline”, it’s been a pleasure seeing them all in action. Especially getting all the amazing input and feedback from colleagues and managers in the different business areas regarding our group of seven. The Super Seven.

We spent two days together last week on what we call a “Recharge”. It’s a way of finishing your last project and starting your new one.  During the Recharge everyone begins with presenting what they have been doing during their projects, including challenges, lessons learned, what results they’ve come up with and how they reached their goals.  We also take a lot of time to work with what we call the Bank of Experience (BoE). In the BoE the group talks about all the other areas they come across during their projects that have to do less with the goals of the project, such as culture, leadership, internal politics, values etc.


We also got a visit from Maja Robertsson, one of our IT managers. She talked about career choices, taking mandate and her own journey and reflections. Our Strategy Manger, Patrik Myrelid, came and talked about Lantmännen’s new Strategy 2020 and the former Graduate trainee, Andrea Kratz, shared her experiences about the Strategic Group Assignment that you can read more about in the beginning of 2015.

A presentation of the group

You might have been following the blog for a while or you are completely new to it. Either way here comes a short presentation of our graduate trainees:


Ebba Carlson –  From the Swedish countryside in Småland and former acting CEO of an award-winning lamp design company. Has a Msc in  Marketing and Media Management from Stockholm School of Economics. Have spent her first period in Cerealia working with packaging strategy and will now continue with a project regarding Strategy within Finance and Economy at HQ.


Kasper Harbo Hansen – The most “Danish” one. From Denmark, hence the Danish,  with a wish to open a B&B in the Swedish countryside when he gets older. Kasper has a degree in Agriculture Economics from Copenhagen University and a in Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Have spent his first period in Agriculture in Malmö working  with logistics controlling and will  now continue with a project regarding Sustainable business development within Cerealia and Gooh.


Kajsa Hedbrant – From the Swedish flying industry cradle in Östergötland but without the classic accent. Has a in Accounting and Financial Management from Stockholm School of Economics where she was a great fan of the schools student organizations. She has spent her first period within Group Controlling at HQ. Kajsa will now continue with a project at Lantmännen Unibake in Copenhagen


Fredrik Ringård – From the small town of Vallsta and therefore the most “northern” in the group. Fredrik has also been great fan of student organizations, has some impressive artistic skills and has a in Engineering within Design and Product Realization from The Royal Institute of Technology. Fredrik have spent his first period at Doggy and will now continue within R&D at HQ.


Pauline Lidberg – From the colourful city of Skara made famous by the Swedish entrepreneur Bert Karlsson. Pauline has a BSc in Technical Mathematics and a in Technology Management from Lund’s Univeristy. When Pauline doesn’t motor cross she’s been doing a project within ready meal company Gooh and will now continue looking into our ethanol business in Norrköping.


Markus Lidborn – Is a classic  “Skånapåg” from the most southern area of Sweden. He builds apps and Formula 1 cars in his spare time and has a in Mechanical engineering from Lund’s University. Markus has been doing a project within the Machinery Sector and will now continue with a project in Group Function Communication at HQ.


Victoria Done – The only one in the group from the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm. Is fluent in sign language and really likes office supplies. Victoria also has been a great fan of student organizations. Victoria has a in Chemical Engineering for energy and environment with international profile German from The Royal Institute of Technology  and have been doing a project within Group Function Supply Chain. She will continue with a project within Lantmännen Machinery.

If you would like to know more about what the group have been doing and will do in the future I recommend you to scroll trough this blogg from time to time.

This is, in many ways, a very diverse group regarding personalities but they do have some common traits that I and Lantmännen really values.  They have a natural maturity that shows it self in the form of confidence and drive.  They have a down to earth attitude, a will to win and are eager to understand the businesses.  This is a winning formula, not just for the Graduate trainee programme but for their careers in general. They smile a lot and share a lot of their laughter, this is both important and inspiring if you ask me. For me it’s a privilege and a pleasure working with them. Working with the Super Seven.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours truly,

Daniel Aglöv

Programme Manger, Graduate Trainee Programme