The road to sucess!


Research has shown that adjusting to a new work environment is the greatest challenge posed by starting a new job. And while our academia are meant to prepare us well for many of the challenges we get thrown at during this exciting dynamic program, no professor or textbook can anticipate the specific characteristics of our next placement or even corporate culture of our ultimate permanent position in Lantmannen. For this reason, I have gathered together the following few basic guidelines that can help us make a good impression while quickly figuring out how to function efficiently at our new placement or permanent job!

Do Your Homework
Do not wait until day one to get started. Read up on the unit’s history and culture, it should not be too hard to find such information. We may not get the inside scoop, but preparation will reduce anxiety and equip us with good conversation starters.

Ask Questions
Although some people feel embarrassed about asking questions, it is the only professional behavior in a new work environment. Asking good questions and absorbing the answers will actually impress your coworkers and superiors, even if you have to ask a few obvious questions to arrive at the insightful ones. That said, if your question-answerer seems harried or annoyed, be considerate in how you communicate your queries.

Follow Communication Protocols
Observe managers and coworkers, and learn their communication styles. Who prefers contact by email, and who prefers a phone call? When is it appropriate to ask for a meeting, and how are meetings run? These communication protocols are often dictated by unwritten rules, but they have a surprising impact on our efficiency and rapport with others. And while understanding may be assumed, it is generally acceptable to ask direct questions if you are confused.

Balance Old and New Relationships
It is a good idea to keep in touch with old coworkers and classmates while actively building relationships with your new contacts. Don’t cling to the past or try to bond too quickly with new acquaintances. Maintain your professionalism while socializing, and avoid taking sides in conflicts that have been around longer than you have. If we lay the foundations of our new professional relationships carefully, they we will become much stronger over time.

Understand How to Work Hard
According to The Creative Group (authors of the survey referred to above), “organizations define hard work differently.” Understanding how work ethic is understood in your new corporate culture will help us to focus our energy on efficient action, while receiving recognition for our work. Some business units will allow us to make our own hours, but expect us to be extremely responsive to email. One BU may require that we meet every deadline on time, while another may emphasize the quality of our work over the timeliness of its delivery.

And…..Make Time for Yourself
Particularly if our new job coincides with a move to a new city (as it is a possibility for all of us!), it is important to attend to our personal needs as well as our professional ones. Exploring the neighborhood, making new friends and just taking the time to relax will help us to think positively about our new position and commit to it fully. While being mindful of our professional commitments, do not neglect yourself. After all, the more fulfilled we are in our personal life, the more energy we will be able to put into our new position!

All that remains to be said is to have a fantastic summer holiday and I am sure we will all come back refreshed and eager to take on new exciting challenges!