The First Training Module

So here I am, flying back to London after participating in a 3 day training module at Stockholm as part of our trainee program. After every three months, all the ten trainees latif2.jpggather together from the different Business Units and spend three days together in order to learn more about the company, develop and to network. The agenda for this training module was to learn about the several ways of how change can be implemented and also to be clear on setting the right strategies. We were also made familiar with the different types of governance techniques used in organizations. We used many different learning tools over the period of three days, such as interactive lectures, working in different groups and presenting cases in front of the whole group and some role play.

I must say that it was a very intensive three day period of training, where we got the chance to meet the chairman of Lantmannen, Thomas Boden and the extremely successful head of the agricultural division Monika Lekander. I found both of these sessions immensely captivating and extremely informative. Monika has given us a real insight as to the way she went about implementing the necessary changes in the agricultural division in order to bring the division back to a profitable position. She has spoken of the brave strategies and the quick but effective decisions that she has had to take and how the support she has received from her superiors has really helped her to succeed with this challenge. Monica was planning to spend two hours with us, however, the discussion became so engaging that she ended up spending little more than three hours with us instead!

The session we had with Thomas was very interactive and he gave us an overview of the company from the owner’s perspective. We were all very curious about his views on many aspects of the business and therefore he was faced with many different questions from all of us. The answers that he provided to our questions really showed the enormous knowledge that he has of this industry.

Oh, the aircraft is preparing for landing at Heathrow, so  let me sum up. For me, it was great to see all the trainees together after out introduction week and to hear about the progress everyone is making at their current placement. We have also received the details of where our next placement will be and so there was also a lot of excitement in the group regarding this. All in all, I would say it was a fantastic and very constructive three days of training in Stockholm.

Farah Latif