The exciting world of spare parts

So, the trainee-journey continues. The last report and presentation for the Cerealia division in Stockholm is done and it was hard work until the last minute but finally everything is finished! Next stop Skåne!

It’s been a while since I visited the southern part of Sweden winter time and it has not changed. Grey, windy and wet. You must really make an effort not to enjoy the Swedish winter in the south :). However, I have been assigned a new project at the machinery division which feels really interesting and exciting. The project is to investigate spare parts for tractors in Sweden (or in any other part of the world for that matter) but its starts with the Swedish market due to local knowledge and robust data.


The whole month has had a tractor focus. With everything from data collection, visiting machine parks for observation, to lectures about tractors and their unique product life cycle.

LM has historically had its focus on the purchase of the actual machine, but are now looking into the spare part market more seriously. As their current supply can be tuned for a better market fit. Not only for profit reasons but also to provide its owners with more affordable substitutes to original parts. Original parts are parts that comes from the manufacturer of the actual machine.


When finished, the project will provide me with a deep understanding about the tractor market and LM with answers such as; which manufacturer, model series, and models are worth having a solid supply of spare parts for?

Hope you enjoy reading and all the best until next time //Peter