The end of the trainee programme – but also the start of a new journey!

15 months can go by very quickly when you have fun. And here we are now, celebrating our last days together as trainees before we continue onto different paths in the Group. On the picture below, you can see where we are heading after the programme. We also wanted to share some personal thoughts with you and have written a few sentences each.



Malin Y Dahlström:

On November 19th I will start my new position here at Lantmännen. I will be working as a product developer within the food sector, the AXA brand to be more specific. I am very excited about getting started and to learn all there is to know about what the work of a product developer is all about. A position I have actually dreamt of having ever since I started studying biotechnology in Lund, some 6 years ago. Wish me luck!

Jakob Söderström:

Me accepting a project in Vårgårda for 6 months? If you would have asked me this one year ago I would have thought you were joking. But now, one week before I will pack my bags and get on a train to Vårgårda, I have to admit I am very excited about my project. It’s not often a 27 year old person get to work for a management team in order to support them in the major change the company are in front of. Doggy here I come!  

Hanna Malmqvist:

15 great months are about to come to an end. With great challenges and new experiences I feel ready to take on my new role within Lantmännen Cerealia. I have grown not only on the professional level but also on the personal level and I feel very privileged to have 9 great trainee colleagues who I know will support and help me develop on my journey within Lantmännen. It’s time to say good bye but at the same time hello so until next time, take care!

Louise Dahlberg:

The 19th of November, the day it all starts or ends depending on how you want to look at it! Because I already have begun working, since 2 months, the 19th of November will not imply a new employment however an ending to a super great trainee program. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and bean a part of, but I am most grateful for my 9 trainee colleges that I always will refer to as close collages no matter where I end up.

Per Holgård:

From the 19th of November, I work as a internal consultant for Lantmännen and hopefully be a part of many exciting and challenging projects within the whole Lantmännen group. The best part of being a trainee at Lantmännen has been to be engaged in so many interesting and prioritized projects where you work close to the management team and really get the chance to influence and shape our future  businesses. The experiences, contacts and deepen knowledge about Lantmännen that I have gained throughout the program will be very useful for me in my new position.

Andrea Kratz:

The trainee programme has given me great opportunities for the future and I have gained a broad network within the group. I will now continue as a analyst within purchasing development. This position gives me the possibility to learn even more about all our different companies within the group.

Elin Stoij:

How can I explain the fantastic past 15 months and all the experiences I have gained, in only a few sentences? I can’t. What I can say however is that it has been a lot of fun and that I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with great people and be part of interesting projects all around Lantmannen. It is a bit sad that the programme is over but at the same time I am excited about starting my full-term position as Strategy Analyst in Stockholm. The new adventure begins…

Farah Latif:

All good things must come to an end so that we can move ahead in life and start doing even greater things. That’s the philosophy I believe in and that is why as the final days of being a Trainee draws nearer…my heart is filled with satisfaction of how I spent the last 15 months of my life and anticipation of what lies ahead of me. I will now work as part of a finance dashboard that we are creating for the Food Division and I will focus on the documentation and education part of the dashboard. This Trainee program has been a fantastic and educational journey for me…I met some wonderful people and it has provided me with great opportunities for the future!  

Ola Bramstorp:

After 15 months in various parts of the widespread businesses in Lantmännen, I will now take on new challenges at Lantmännen Machinery as Logistic Manager for spare parts. It has truly been a fun and learning experience to work in so many different areas and businesses and at the same time see all the possibilities there is with being part of a large group as Lantmännen. This will probably be one of the most valuable learning’s for my future career within in Lantmännen! 

Gustaf Karlsson:

This programme has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people and I now feel I’ve got one of the best networks in Lantmännen. It has been a great experience and I have met a lot of close friends that I always will keep in touch with. As the programme is ending and I am soon about to start my new position as Project Manager, I am really excited about using all acquired knowledge in my new job.

So, this is it… Before we end this blog we want to thank all of you for reading about our adventures and sharing these exciting 15 months with us!

All best,

The trainees