The Beginning of the End

Kajsa’s previous post was the first post of the last round of blog posts. I just noticed that for me, this meant some kind of count down, to which I am approaching with mixed emotions. I’m looking forward to beginning my next employment and being able to take full ownership of my tasks and not awaiting the hand over after four months, though, these past 15 months have been filled with so much expectations, experiences, challenges and joy.

I still can’t tell you about what I’m doing in my daily work at business development and M&A, then I’ll have to kill you. What I can reveal all about though is that I two weeks ago signed my position that I will have after the trainee program!!! 😀

I’m really really psyched about this position and I’m going to continue working in one of the two departments which I’m currently on, namely Business Development within Cerealia!! From 16th of November I will continue as Project Leader within this department. The mission of the department is to support the execution of Strategy 2020 for Cerealia and my tasks within the department is to lead and take part in projects related to business development and acquisition activities.

Another completely unrelated topic – we visited Kasper in Poland!!!

Last Friday me, Pauline and Kajsa embarked on our journey in the really early morning hours (woke up at 4.30…..) because we were catching an early flight from Skavsta to Gdansk. When we arrived in Gdansk, we met up with Ebba, Markus and Kasper and we set off for Bydgoszcz (never heard of it? Neither had I).

Jump of Joy at Scandagra


Bydgoszcz is the eight biggest city in Poland situated two hours south of Gdansk, and this is where Scandagra Polska have their head office. Scandagra Polska is a joint venture between Lantmännen and DLG and this is where Kasper is doing his fourth placement. When we arrived, Kasper’s colleague Adam guided us through the vast selection of polish dishes offered for lunch and I ended up ordering 700g of golonka….

Scandagra are selling seed and fertilizer and are trading in grains. We got a very interesting presentation of the company from their CEO Lasse including an introduction to the growing economy of Poland and the underlying factors. Thereafter we also got to make a quick visit to a feed production next doors to the office where they were making rabbit feed.


Before dinner strech and beautiful Bydgoszcz

The rest of the weekend was a BLAST, and Poland had so much more to offer than what I presumed. Bydgoszcz was a really beautiful town with great restaurants and a vivid nightlife. Take a look at this video to see a glimpse of what we did during our stay (Hint: The girls mostly played candy crush the whole weekend as you can see…)

Groupie in Gdansk

Squeezed groupie in Gdansk

All the best,