Tequila shots and snorting chocolate

Why is chocolate combined with caviar a good idea? And what does Rolling Stones have to do with food innovation? These are some questions that were answered during Puratos choklad2012 Taste Tomorrow conference in Chicago. Continue reading and I’ll let you in on the secrets!

I just came back from a big food event in Chicago on the future trends in the bakery and confectionary market. It has been two intense days packed with interesting speeches, market insights and lots and lots of good food and sweet treats.

One of the most interesting speeches were held by Bernard Lahousse, who talked about the flavor profiles of different foods and how it is possible to explain why some products make tasty combinations by studying their flavor molecules. He also discussed how the five tastes (salt, sweet, bitter, sour, umami) interacts with each other. As an example, salt can reduce the bitterness of chocolate. This can predict weird food combinations, such as caviar and chocolate, which actually result in a perfect match!

The first day ended with a wonderful Innovation Dinner designed by celebrity chef Grant Achatz. During dinner, chocolate expert Dominique Persoone held a speech and presented some of his latest chocolate creations. One was chocolate sprinkled with salt that is consumed together with a shot of tequila. Another product was a chocolate powder and a snorting machine, originally developed for a Rolling Stones party. Who said there is no rock n’ roll in the food business?

Well, I better stop writing and head to the gym. I have to make up for all the good tasting knowledge I’ve consumed the last couple of days.

Love from the States,