Sweet summer!

Here comes a short update from Stockholm, with just a few hours left on my third project. I have mixed feelings about leaving since I have had a great time here, but I am also longing for my first paid (!) summer vacation.

Last week, I had to leave my apartment in Stockholm. I had two days left on my job, but summer.jpgnowhere to live. Luckily, I could stay with my trainee colleague Jakob in his 28 square meter apartment. Yesterday, we decided to make a cake and bring to work. We had an idea about decorating it with something green (Lantmännen’s company color) so we stayed up late peeling a bunch of limes. Unfortunately, we left the decoration out in the open air and when we woke up this morning it had turned yellow and brown… But the cake still tastes good, which is the main point!

In august I’m off to Chicago. I am super excited about it and have already started reading up on the city attractions, places to go and things to do. Until then, I wish you all a great summer with a lot of sun and sweet things!