Strategic group assignment and burger buns

Hi everyone!

Time flies and I’m almost half way through my third assignment at Lantmännen Unibake. Based at their office in Copenhagen I’m working with a project aimed at establish an assessment model for mapping quality costs. The project is really fun and gives me the opportunity to visit some of Unibake’s production facilities. So far I’ve visited our bakeries in Petikko, Finland and Örebro, Sweden, the last place is where we produce sausage and burger buns under the brand Korvbrödsbagarn, well known by all Swedes. In two weeks I’m heading over to a Unibake site near Oslo to gather the last pieces of data. By the end of this assignment I’ll be if not an expert on burger and sausage buns, at least a couple of kilos heavier from eating it.


Parallel to our current and next assignment all trainees are involved in three so called Strategic Group Assignments.  We’ve been divided into groups of three and assigned a project concerning Lantmännen or one of Lantmännen’s divisions at a strategic level. I’ve been assigned, together with my trainee colleagues Johanna and Sebastian, a project for Cerealia (producing products under well known brands such as Axa, Kungsörnen and GoGreen). We have been given the task to look further into what global opportunities there are out there for their products. Who knows in what countries we’ll find the green sprout of Lantmännen in the future.

Next update of our blog will be within a week, up till then have a great time!

Ps. Try out the new Potato Burger Bun from Korvbrödsbagarn if you’ve got the opportunity, tried it this week at our site in Örebro and it is delicious!!