Stockholm updates


As our most avid readers have probably noticed all of us are now fully focused on our new projects and I (Axel) and Anna are no exceptions. Therefore we will give you a brief introduction to our new projects in this blog post, enjoy!

Axel: One of the things that surprise my friends the most when I tell them what a great company Lantmännen is to work for, is the fact that Lantmännen has operations in over 20 different countries. This multinational aspect of the company is also something which relates to my current project, transfer pricing at the tax division. Transfer pricing can in an easy way be described as the different transactions which goes on between different countries within a company. This is really important to do in a correct manner as a company otherwise can move its profits to countries with a lower tax base. As there has been new rules regarding this my job is basically to help in the process to provide the necessary documents to the tax authorities. Even though this brief description might sound a bit static, working with tax is so much more interesting than I could’ve ever imagined! Especially as it gives me a great insight into the whole Lantmännen group and shows the many different exciting projects which Lantmännen is working on at the moment (which I unfortunately can’t tell you more about at the moment…). Furthermore, I will also get travel quite a lot which is always nice so as you can see it’s a great project!

Anna: For my second assignment, I am back in Sweden and working on the project that Helena have started. My tasks are at the intersection of Group Strategy and IT, where the team and I are working on creating a Business Intelligence tool to overview sales and get customer insides for the whole company. It is a lot of fun and I get to practice my project management skills as well as learning about exciting opportunities that technology can bring to the business.

During the first few weeks, I got a chance to attend a Bioeconomy forum here in Stockholm, where researchers and businesses were discussing opportunities for advancement of circular economy in Sweden and beyond. Not only this was a good practice for my Swedish, but also very interesting insides into current issues and initiatives that are aimed at “closing the loop” between resource extraction, production and adequate waste management.




Along with my main task, I have been working on a smaller project where I looked at animal feed industry in Finland. Through that assignment, I learned about different types of animal feeds, feed components and vitamins &minerals, which are used to support healthy animal growth. Perhaps I missed that biology lesson at school, but was quite surprised to learn about the feed requirements for cows, which is because they have 4(!) stomachs. I thought it was just me who had 2 stomachs (1 normal and 2nd one for dessert 😉 ))

We are now looking forward for the next week, when we will have our second training session as a group. It would be the first time we meet all together since the re-charge days after the first assignment. For some of us this would mean taking a train or bus to the location, while others will have to cross the Atlantic Ocean :).

Until the next time!

/Axel and Anna