Stereotyping in Vårgårda

When I was assigned my first position at Lantmännen Doggy in Vårgårda, my reaction was:dogs “Doggy…. ?” My experience of dogs is limited and stretches as far as once taking care of my girlfriend’s uncle’s poodle Sigge. Though, this motivated me and I felt that there had to be a whole new world to discover and boy, was I right!

So I came to Vårgårda without prejudice, not knowing what to expect. But just walking through the entrance of Lantmännen Doggy, leading to the two löwchen Svante and Miso, immediately put a smile on my face. The employees at Lantmännen Doggy have the privilege of bringing their dogs to the office, which really creates a homely atmosphere and contributes to awareness of the core business;)

The atmosphere also reminds you of the fact that Lantmännen Doggy is currently undergoing huge transformations in everything from products to organizational structure. Although going through processes of change is demanding, it is encouraging to see everyone wanting to contribute to making Lantmännen Doggy the best animal food producer in the world!

The pace has been high from day one, and already on my second day we visited the sales organization in Hamburg, where we presented a new line of dog food which our hosts were very excited to hear about. Since Hamburg I’ve been fully engaged in various introductions in everything from production of dry dog food to digital media. It is really interesting to experience the dynamics that are enabled by having all functions and productions residing under the same roof.


I’m just in the process of launching my own project, in which I will examine the range of Bozita’s tetras’. What I really like about my project is the unique sales situation of your costumer not being your consumer, as well the contact with and knowledge of foreign markets that this will require.

All the best,