Spring, recharge and start-up!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic, intense, emotional and fun! I have finished my blommasecond trainee assignment at the head office in Stockholm, spent two days of recharge with my fellow trainees, packed all my things and moved back to Malmö to start my third period of practice.

The recharge was terrific; a perfect combination of work and relaxation. We had time to share and reflect on past experiences; things that have been working well and challenges we have faced. It was interesting to discover that even though we have been placed in different settings and have been assigned different areas of responsibility, there were still many common denominators and we could all learn from each other.

We had two visitors during the recharge, namely Carl von Schantz (Head of the Energy sector) and Peter Bengtsson (Head of Corporate Purchasing). They were both inspiring and very interesting to listen to. Peter talked about his career and background in brief, followed by an informative outline of the change program, which is currently being implemented within Group Purchasing (which is the overall responsible purchasing unit).


    Peter Bengtsson                    Carl von Schantz    

Carl started off by giving us an in depth presentation regarding the Energy sector, focusing on the challenges and possibilities connected to the business area of renewable energy. In addition, Carl spent quite some time talking about his own career in terms of working experiences, educational background and personal development. It was inspiring to listen to, and Carl ended his visit by giving us some valuable advice for our own future careers.

For the next three months I will be sitting at the head office for the Agriculture sector of Lantmännen, which is placed in Malmö. My task is to map existing working procedures within management and support at the department for human resources, communication as well as quality and operational development. Subsequently, these procedures are to be further developed into readily communicable directives on the Lantmännen Intranet. The project makes up an important part of the ongoing strategic work within the Agriculture sector in forming a unanimous way of working. I am very excited and ready to fire away!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

/  Malin