Spring in Denmark!

Spring in Denmark, what more can you hope for?! A lively Copenhagen, friendly colleaguesbröd and a stunning view from the office. Hello everyone, I hope you all are good?! I´m currently in Denmark -Copenhagen more exactly working on a project called “European footprint” for Lantmännen Unibake. I started here about six weeks ago and I can just say that time flies when you have fun.

The purpose and goal with my project “European footprint” is to visualize and optimize Lantmännen Unibakes European footprint of today. The project is a part of the newly started global project “One Unibake”, created to design the future Unibake, which I´m looking forward to be a part of. In my two earlier trainee assignments I have been challenged with projects outside my competence area and therefore also my comfort zone and it has been very developing. The work with the project “European footprint” is a little bit different since its purpose and goal is spot on my competence area from school. This is developing in another way since I can use my knowledge in more areas and I get the opportunity to test my skills in a some other ways then before.

The project has really reaffirmed my presumption that Supply Chain Management  is an interesting area and an area that I really enjoy working with. Adding the opportunity to work in Denmark with a project that involves bigger parts of Europe giving the project an internal touch makes it even more interesting.

However the project isn´t my only challenge! Nearly everybody speaks Danish?! Something that you might be prepared for since the office is in Denmark. This is though a very pleasant challenge and I´m taking it step by step. I have just finished “the course” understand the logic in their illogical counting system =). Next course I´ve decided to be “Understand what they say in the meetings” something that could be quite crucial for the outcome of my project 😉

Med venlig hilsen

Louise Dahlberg