Risky business

Eight months and more than half of the trainee program have now passed. For the first time we had a say in which project to work on and it was not an easy choice. But where did I end up this time? Read on and learn!

After a period in Malmö at the agricultural division’s headquarter working with logistics I spend my second period in Stockholm working for Gooh and Cerealia on a project on sustainable business development. This period I am working with corporate finance in the treasury department. More specifically I am working with how Lantmännen deals with both physical and financial risks.

You might think it is an easy business buying and selling grains and in essence maybe it is. But add to that volatile grain prices, unpredictable harvest forecast and the shifting mood of the general economy. It is never easy to predict prices and since Lantmännen is buying grains at one point and selling at another it is important to hedge against price risks. But different companies face different markets and risks. My job will be – among other things – to work on risk policies for the different divisions in Lantmännen together with my new great colleagues at Treasury.

Treasury is always keeping an eye on the market!


For a change the office in Stockholm is not crowded with trainees. Actually I am the only one of the seven trainees who is working in Stockholm. For the moment Unibake’s head office in Copenhagen has the pleasure of having not only one, but four graduate trainees! As the only Dane in the trainee group I am pleased to hear that they are exposed to some Danish culture and pastries 🙂

Eight months down the road Lantmännen’s trainee program have truly exposed me from a variety of different tasks. Still I have a lot to learn about finance, but I am excited to dig down in this hopefully not too risky business!

Happy Easter to all of you!