Ready, set, GO! Trainee start 2014

At last! Our new trainees have arrived and are already in their second project week. September 2nd was the first time our 7 new trainees got to meet each other in real life. It was the first day of three in our intense introduction. Our forth Graduate Trainee Programme began, as always, with a running start.

But it has been a long way both for us and, especially, for the new trainees.  In February 2014 the application period  closed with 816 applicants. After résumé reading, online tests, assessment day, one, two and three personal interviews we had finally come up with our final 7 trainees. In late May all of them had accepted out offer and we hope they now are a as happy as we were then.

I’ve already had my “first week check-up” with everyone and there’s a wide spread of different task they’re up to but they all share the same enthusiasm.

nya trainees

And here they are. From left: Ebba Carlson, Markus Lidborn, Fredrik Ringård, Kasper Harbo Hansen, Kajsa Hedbrant, Victoria Done and Pauline Lidberg. A more thorough presentation will come.

Follow them all here, in our trainee blog, and you’ll get further insight in their life as a trainee at Lantmännen.

Guest blogger:

Daniel Aglöv

Programme Manager