Public and regulatory affairs

In a company as big as Lantmännen there are several parts of the organization which aren’t that well known or well recognized to someone outside the organization. That’s one of the main reasons to why I’m enjoying my current assignment as much as it gives me access to the (at least according to me) exciting and maybe not all too common world of politics!

So what does actually Lantmännen have to do with politics you might wonder? Well, as we’re a big multinational cooperation we also have to represent our own interests to make sure that politicians and other officials at least knows and understands what we need in order to thrive and give back as much possible to our owners.

This naturally entails quite a lot of different things but one of the best things have definitely been that I got to return to the location of my third placement, Belgium and Brussels!


Going back to Brussels wasn’t just fun since I feel a certain connection to the city but also since Brussels really can be divided into two parts (the EU part and the other “normal” part) and since my last assignment had nothing to do with politics it was a lot of fun to get to see that part as well! Going into the parliament was also a very interesting experience and to attend a debate with our Swedish MEP Christofer Fjellner which you can see to the left in the picture below.


Another exciting event that I also attended (however in Stockholm) was “Släpp kommunerna fria”. This was interesting since it’s always interesting to hear and get new perspectives on how the future of sustainability within especially the transport sector will look and how we can work with creating renewable cities. My main takeway from this is probably how much that can be accomplished when we let people and kommuner (municipalities) decide themselves on where they want to focus and what their targets should be!


Until next time!