Presentation of our strategic group assignments

Yesterday we had the presentation of our strategic group assignments (SGA), and it was sooo much fun! Both groups got loads of positive feedback, and very interesting discussions during the presentations, so of course we thought it was a great day! 🙂

About SGA
The SGA project is part of the trainee program and spans over several business areas. As the name reveals it is a project of a more strategic character. We started this project in February in parallel with our other placements and have done this within the trainee group.

So what projects have we done?
Ebba, Kajsa, Kasper and Fredrik have been working with a project at Lantmännen Machinery called “Creating Value in the Machinery Sector”. They presented 13 concrete suggestions of how Lantmännen Machinery can create more value for their customers in their machine, service, and support business. Several of the key persons within Lantmännen’s machinery business attended the presentation, including the managing director Jonas Arvidsson, who was impressed that the group had really grasped what the machinery business is all about (it’s about people, according to Jonas).

Presentation of one of the strategic group assignments.

Presentation of the strategic group assignment. Managing director of Lantmännen Machinery Jonas Arvidsson is asking a question to the right.

Markus, Pauline and I have been working with a project at R&D common functions. Our project was about green materials, which is a word that can mean many different things, and covers a very wide area. We have worked a lot with this definition, and tried to narrow it down. R&D works several years ahead by working with research projects, and looking at what’s going on in the world. An interesting thing we realized when working with them is that this actually means that R&D works with future and potential business areas for Lantmännen.

Happy trainees after our presentation. Here we are writing down all the interesting comments and thoughts we got from the discussion.


It has been great fun to do this, but also challenging. Not only because we have been located in different cities while doing this, but also because it has been up to us to decide what direction to take with the projects. For example the green material project didn’t have a clear “end result” when we got it, and has been shaped as time goes by depending on the inputs we have got.

Did I say that this project has been so much fun to do?