Pre-vacation recap!

Vacation is over and I’m back at the HQ in Stockholm. I’m taking the opportunity to spend my fourth and last placement on two different departments, Business Development at Cerealia and Mergers and Acquisitions (new ground for Fredrik the engineer). Or.. It wasn’t really an opportunity, I actually had to struggle a bit to get this combination, but I though it won’t hurt you to ask, and it was well worth the extra effort!

But.. Since I’m fairly new to these departments and tasks, I’ll use this post to tell you onewordabout the results of my last placement at Unibake in Copenhagen.

The weeks before vacation was all about sustainability and the conference One World of Opportunities that I was project managing, below I will explain what happened during the latter.

The 18th of June Unibake’s Global Management Forum and Global Commercial Forum met for a joint one-day event in Copenhagen.

The purpose with the day was to create excitement, share the commercial agenda and drive the “One Unibake” vision.

The day started with everyone meeting at Sluseholmen to have a Normandy butter croissant (new product) and a take-away coffee to go and then continue to the transport which was a canal boat departing just outside of the office.


The day was held at Docken, situated in the north harbor of Copenhagen. The day was introduced by Jan Hertz, CCO for Unibake, and Marketing Director Anette Kalle before the moderator of the day Chris Houston, Unibake’s Market Intelligence Manager, took over and guided the participants through the day.

DockenOWOO introModerator Chris

The second agenda point after the introduction was a segment considering the burger trend, hosted by Mikkel Andersen, Phil Witcomb and the UK burger blogger Nick Andrews. During this segment, the participants also got to witness  a live burger battle, where Davor Zidaric’s and Jonas Lindell’s BBQ Dream burger beat Benoit Vernaillen’s and Giulio Anceschi’s El Matador. See video here.


For lunch, the participants’ got to practice their own burger architecture and compose premium burgers with our own burger buns.


After lunch, Filip Van Laere gave an overview of the category sweets. This was followed by Peter Drew speaking about Unibake’s increasing innovation pace. Peter ended his innovation session by welcoming the participants’ to visit four product zones (Fast Food, Savories, Breads and Sweets) where over 120 recent new product developments’ where showcased.

True Burgers MikkelOWOO NPD's

After visiting the product show, Jane Leth showed the audience that the future is digital and what this mean for Unibake. Unibake’s CEO, Werner Devinck summarized the day before it was time for dinner.


During the dinner, the guests got to vote for the past years best innovations, andif you read Ebba’s blog post you already know, but below is the Swedish team who won the grand slam “Innovation of the Year”!


As you can imagine, I had never before done something similar to this and the tasks included was sooooo diverse! Everything from aligning purpose and deliverables with the commercial leadership team at Unibake to remembering to bring knives from the office to the conference…. But in the end, I think that this was a great experience in project management and something that I will remember for a looong long time.

But now, as I mentioned, I’m back in Stockholm and yesterday was the first session with Lantmännen’s run coach so I probably can expect some muscle pain tomorrow…

Fredrik Ringård