Photo shoot and sailing

There, for me it is turning into a little more of an everyday life here at Gooh/Lantmännen. I’m starting to find my way around, recognizing a lot more people and when I get to the office, I know what to do during the day. The days feels as fun as I hoped them to be!

Since my last blog post, I have finished the first part of my project on Gooh, expansion of the existing sales support tool. This part of the project has been very “hands-on” to say the least, for example when programming different Excel documents. I have not only learnt some new Excel skills, but also what key indicators are important for Gooh when monitoring the salespeople’s work. This knowledge about key indicators will be an important contribution in my future job of performing a feasibility study regarding changing sales support tool.

I have also had the privilege of attending many exciting activities, for example, I went with one of Gooh’s KAMs (Key Account Manager) on customer visits to some of the biggest customers in food retailing. It was very interesting to see how such meetings take place, both from the sales perspective and to understand the various products that are in demand from different customers! Another recent exciting activity was when I joined Gooh’s market people for a photo shoot. The day started with us meeting at a grocery store to buy some vegetables and spices to be used as backgrounds, and then we went to a photographer here in Stockholm. The studio itself was very esthetic and media-like, which for me as an engineer is a pretty unusual environment and thus made it even more interesting! After just a few minutes in the studio, a car pulls up outside the studio and it turns out that Stefano Catenacci (the famous chef from Operakällaren making all recipes for Gooh) will be attending the photo shoot. It was Stefano Catenacci himself who arranged the food so that all ingredients would be visible and so on. Here’s a picture of my colleague Jeanette Zander in the photo studio.

One of the most important things I take with me from the photo shoot (in addition to Stefano Catenacci being super nice!) is how it is important to remember that a photograph sets the customer’s expectations. Therefore, the picture must be very true to reality, in order to meet those expectations. Which, according to me, was an interesting thought considering the packaging of most commercially available food.
Last but certainly not least, below you find a picture from a truly wonderful occasion. It’s a sailing trip in connection to Gooh sponsoring the crew with food.