Pancakes, photo shoot and Korvbrödsbagarn!


The last trainee placement has started and thoughts about jobs after the trainee program emerge. I am trying on a brand manager role within Cerealia’s Ready to Eat category and get to work with our Kungsörnen Pancakes.

The first four weeks of the fourth and final placement have passed by in the blink of an eye. As a trainee in Cerealia’s Ready to Eat category my days have been filled by visits to production, project meetings, photo shoots, trend seminars and much more. The Ready to Eat category is one of four categories in the newly reorganized Market and Innovation department of Cerealia. It is home to the Gooh ready meals, as well as the Kungsörnen pancakes which are the focus of my project this placement. Broadly speaking, my task is to develop an innovation plan for the pancakes going forward; suggest what new products we should launch and when, as well as explain why this is a good idea. It is a lot of fun working with such an appreciated product by all ages!

pannkakafryst pannkaka

As this is the last trainee placement, we are all thinking about the future and what role photoshootand part of Lantmännen we would like to work in after the trainee program. I wanted to try a placement within Cerealia partly to investigate if this could be where I would like to work in the future. Therefore I am taking every chance I get to tag along on colleagues’ meetings and events to learn more about the work within a Market and Innovation department. As I am writing this, I am visiting a photo shoot for a new line of products. I would never have guessed how much work is behind the pictures we see on the products in store!


Right after summer vacation, Ebba, Fredrik and I, as well as two of Lantmännen’s summer interns, Pauline and Max, visited Korvbrödsbagarn’s production facility in Örebro. Can you imagine 97% of Swedish people recognize the brand Korvbrödsbagarn, and that Korvbrödsbagarn is such a rooted company that the average time for employees to have worked there is 26 years?? Korvbrödsbagarn’s production is also a lot of fun to look at as it is possible to follow the bread from the stage where the dough is mixed until the bread is packed up in boxes and sent into the freezer.


Until next time!