Out of office

During my time at the group controlling and strategy unit, I’ve got the chance to attend a few external seminars and meetings. Let’s take a look!


Today I’ve been to a seminar hosted by Implement Consulting Group, where the professor and strategic advisor Robert Martin discussed how we often separate strategy from execution, and how to make fundamental strategic choices instead of strategic plans.


In September, Beatrice Ramnerö (strategic analyst) and I went twice to the Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). The purpose of our first visit was to present four strategic project assignments, which students enrolling a course in communication and project management could work with during the semester. Two weeks later, we were back again for the opening of the incubator Green Innovation Park!

Beatrice and I also went to a one day seminar about climate adaption within the food sector at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA). Alrik Sandrup, Lantmännen’s Director of Public and Regulatory Affairs, was one of many speakers and he told us about his past two years working for WeEffect in Malawi.

bild-bea-vaxthus      bild-aw-flytt

Other happenings at my department, moving desks and plan the upcoming After Work for all the colleagues at the Stockholm office!

I wish you all a great weekend ahead!