One year later (almost)

It’s sounds corky and cliché but it’s true. I can’t believe it’s already been a year.Time flies. *Another time reference*.

We ended, as usual, the third assignment with a Recharge July 2-3. We all started our vacation that Friday so it almost felt like we had “the last day of school”. Our Group President and CEO visited us one day and talked about his career and the Groups strategy. Kajsa then held a seminar together with Fred Stenudd from Group HR regarding diversity and we ended with Charlotte Nordling, who is Corporate Brand Manager talking about brand and communication. Someone (me) booked  great weather and a conference just by a lake so the group work were pretty nice.  We worked with feedback and finished off with a quiz which I lost (again)


Working with the Strategic Group Assignment

June 18th 2014 was the first time I sent an email to the entire group welcoming them to Lantmännen and our Graduate Trainee Programme. Since then we have seen two summers past, finished three assignments, been to three training modules, visited numerous countries, productions plants, offices, drinking good and bad coffee, met hundreds of colleagues and top managers, laughed, had presentations, lived in a sloping apartment, seen our office burn down, eaten sweat breads, hamburger buns and granola, lost and won weekly quizzes, laughed a little more, recharged, and much much more.

The well filled agenda might be one reason of the this incomprehension that’s it’s already been a year. It usually is, with the combination of having fun.

Our group have now started their fourth and last assignment and the end of their trainee journey. By November 16th the Super Seven will start their new job so there are a lot of focus on what to do and who to talk to. It’s both terrifying and exciting at the same time. I’ll try my best to guide them towards, what i know is, a great future.

But first we have the Strategic Groups Assignment presentation. September 10th is the “D-Day” and so far we are expecting around about 25 guests at the head quarter in Stockholm. Everyone excited to listen to what our Graduate Trainees have come up with. So am I.

As always, it’s a great experience following and watching the graduate trainees grow both as a groups and as individuals. To listen to how their short, but valuable, experience have coloured their way of handling challenges, both regarding business and people. How they reflect upon the future and their career. It’s a privilege and inspiring getting to know them and se them in action.

Time flies.

Best regards

Gradute Trainee Programme Manager

Daniel Aglöv