On the other side of the Atlantic


Living next to the beach and working in a bakery makes me wonder if I am in Florida or heaven? I’ve now worked here for almost three months and it feels like I just arrived.

Working in a plant

I like my job. All my colleagues are very friendly and I love the actions that are going on. You never know what the day is going to give you. Is everything running smoothly? Are deliveries coming in time? Do we need to do last minute changes in production schedule? No day is the other one alike. There are tricky situations and fast decisions and I learn a lot by being a part of the daily work here. I can strongly recommend everyone to work in a production environment for a while since it’s the core in the whole business.



In the R&D lab working with product development

Change anyone? I hand it for free. No one interested?


With close to 38 Celsius outside, it actually feels quite good to be inside working during the hottest hours of the day. I have enough heat as it is since my assignment is very challenging. It’s not challenging in a heavy work load way, it’s more a mental challenge. I work with LEAD  which several of us have written about earlier. To implement a new way of working is much about changing attitudes. In my mind it’s fairly easy to make people adjust to new things. In reality it’s not. I have a favorite quote that I have thought about often lately.

“It’s not that people don’t like the new ideas. It’s just that they’re loyal to the old ones.”

I have one month left in this lovely country with my great colleagues before I unfortunately need to head back to Sweden. In my forth period I’m going to continue working with change but in the purchasing department at the corporate office in Stockholm.