New project, new business area, new trends

With new energy from the Recharge session in Malmö we have again moved on to new challenges within Lantmännen and the trainee program. As always, the first few days of the new period has been hectic. However not as hectic as the two previous periods as it feels like we’re getting more and more used to switching between vastly different industries and job assignments. Through discussions and reflections together with the other trainees after each period it feels like we become increasingly prepared to tackling new Projects!

Being placed at Lantmännen Cerealia, the first two days was filled with being introduced to new colleagues and reading up on previous reports and presentations related to my new project. The rest of the week continued with helping prepare for this week’s strategy presentations within Cerealia; creating forecasts, formulating new insights and conducting some market research.

We also visited a very interesting event organized by Business Sweden and Alibaba on the topic of E-Commerce and future trends.


Alibaba Group General Manager Europe, Terry von Bibra showing how Alibaba works with the latest trends within retail and entertainment. It feels like Europe is already long overdue with learning from and looking towards China for future trends within this area!