New home after the summer

Welcome back from the summer vacation dear blog-reader!

This week it is turn for the newly arrived Swedes in Denmark to do a little status check in.

Me and Linnea are both stationed at Unibake International (UBI) in Copenhagen for our final projects. Time is flying when you are having fun, so apparently it must be super fun to be a trainee since it feels like I started my first project a week ago. My final project is going to be within supply chain (a repetitive theme for Lantmännen 🙂 ), Where I will try to build a should cost model in order to identify what we “should” pay when we store our frozen and fresh bread products in  warehouses in Euorope. I’m looking forward to this project for many reasons. Partially because I want to learn how to calculate should cost which is something you can apply in many other contexts and also because the project involves a lot of traveling to different sites in Europe. Which mean that I will be able to see the international part of Lantmännen which for my personal interests is very exciting.


For me (Linnea), the “I” in UBI have already been present with two travels so far: one to our bakery in Poland and one to Milton Keynes outside of London. Like Peter, my project is within operations where I will be included in the global S&OP team and work with demand planning for some of our plants. Unibake practice what they call “structured entrepreneurship” which includes that decisions should be made close to the market, and not at global level. However, sometimes the global perspective is needed – say if a plant is producing for several countries and prioritizations needs to be done. Then global S&OP comes in to create the link between local and global. So for the coming months I will be working both cross-functional and cross-country which I’m very excited about.


Another thing we are excited about is the great coffee at the office. The “wienerbröd” and croissants we are fed with every day is nothing to complain about either!

All the best until next time,

//Peter & Linnea