New city, new assignment and new colleagues

We have all finished our first projects and just started our new ones. I am now located in Malmö, at the head office of Lantmännen Maskin, a business within the Machinery Sector.

So how do I like it at Lantmännen in Malmö? I thought I would be quite misplaced here as I have grown up in Stockholm without any knowledge of agriculture or machinery. However, I received a very warm welcome and already feel as part of the gang! Every Thursday some colleagues gather to play in a band and I’ve been asked to join. Unfortunately I play the guitar very badly, so the band members told me I could sing instead. I don’t think they know what they have gotten themselves into. Their ears will bleed, and mine too.

After Work with some colleagues from Lantmännen Maskin.

My assignment took a new turn right before Christmas and therefore I will tell you more about it when I’ve landed in the task. But what I can say is that it involves all the 54 stores that Lantmännen Maskin owns around the country. Many of the stores also have associated repair shops. The idea is that our customers can come here to buy spare parts and accessories as well as to service their machinery. Lantmännen Maskin also sells agricultural machinery.

In the show room at the Malmö office. I am amazed of the sizes of these machines.

At Lantmännen Maskin’s head office in Malmö we also have a central warehouse for Scandinavia, which stores spare parts and accessories. The assortment range is very wide, which is quite unique in this line of business. A combination of a late cut-off time for orders (latest time to place an order) and early deliveries make it possible for us to help a customer who is in urgent need of a new spare part – anywhere in Scandinavia. This is especially important during harvest season. During this time of the year the warehouse has extended opening hours to 95 hours a week. You can place an order in the evening and have it delivered the next day before lunch! Quite impressive, don’t you think!?

The warehouse at Lantmännen Maskin’s office in Malmö.

Greetings from Malmö and Lantmännen Maskin