New assignment at Unibake UK

After spending a little more than three months at Gooh in Stockholm, I am now taking onunibake new challenges at Lantmännen Unibake UK with an assignment within LEAD

Lantmännen Unibake has operations at three sites in the UK. There are bakeries in Milton Keynes and Bedford, while Bagshot is mainly a sales office. If you remember from previous blog posts, it was in Bagshot Elin spent her last period of practice. During my stay in UK I will spend most of my time in Milton Keynes since LEAD (Lantmännen’s practice for working with continuous improvement) has, so far, only been implemented there. Although, during my first weeks at Unibake UK, I have already had the opportunity to visit the other two sites as well. The picture to the right was taken when all three of us graduate trainees that are currently working at Unibake UK were visiting the Bedford bakery.

My assignment is that I am going to look at how to work with change management during the next step in their LEAD transformation. Culture change has a major part in such a transformation and will be one of the key areas for me to look into. Besides this I also get the opportunity to take part in some of the LEAD improvement teams that are currently up and running. It will be very interesting to participate both in the overall work with the culture change and at the same time get some more practical application of LEAD principles through my work in the improvements team. I’m sure that I have an exciting couple of months ahead of me.

So what about Milton Keynes as a city… Well, it’s a city that was built in the late 60’s outside of London with the purpose of relieving housing congestion in London. It’s only 35 minutes with train to London from Milton Keynes so I will definitely spend many of the weekends in London while I’m here in the UK!

Ola Bramstorp