My time at AS-Faktor in Stockholm

Hello readers,

If you read the last blog post about all the fun times we have had in Stockholm, you have already heard a little about me. But since that post was really just an excruciating cliffhanger, hinting at the story of my life, I thought you would want to hear more. So here it goes!

My name is Sebastian and I am of course a trainee at Lantmännen. My first rotation was at AS-Faktor, a subsidiary to Lantmännen that sells the very well-known products Salovum and SPC-Flakes (they are not very well-known, but you should definitely google them). AS-Faktor has conducted a bunch of research studies over the years together with universities in Sweden on a protein called Protein AF. There is an amazingly well written Wikipedia page about the protein and all is amazing capabilities if you want to learn more about it, which you should.

At this point you are probably asking yourself – what does this have to with Lantmännen or agriculture. Fair question. The protein comes from specially processed oats and as you know, Lantmännen really does everything you can think of with grains, so really, this makes perfect sense.

My role at AS-Faktor is in business development of foods with special medical purposes (Salovum & SPC-Flakes) and functional foods. This role fits me well, given that my both my bachelor’s and master’s degree is in business and economics. Basically, I have been figuring out how to sell products that are really good for people for the past few months. My biggest project has been developing a new concept for diabetics based on some exciting research from Göteborg Universitet. I have analyzed the market, created business plans, made sales material, done costs analysis’s, some classic SWOT’s, and much more.


Me and Mikkel at a career fair in Lund

One of my key learnings from my first rotation is how exciting it is to turn scientific research into financially stable products and concepts. Creating strategies for products that can bring a lot of value to people’s lives has been an incredible experience.  Doing that togehter with all the great people at AS-Faktor and at HQ in Stockholm has made my first rotation even better.

I am actually writing this post on my final day in Stockholm and it is with mixed feelings I am moving on to Unibake in Copenhagen next week. I have had a great time in Stockholm, but I am of course super excited about taking on new challenges (like understanding Danish) over the next few months. But more of that in my next post.



Over and out!