My last week at Unibake UK

When I am getting closer to the end of my stay here at Unibake UK, I have to say, it has croissantindeed been an exciting 4 months. I have got loads of experience with everything from culture differences to the possibility to be part of the LEAD transformation.

As I wrote in my last blog post, I have been working with an assignment within LEAD, Lantmännen’s practice for working with continuous improvement. Even though LEAD provide an organization with a set of excellent tools and techniques for working with continuous improvement, the “softer” parts of the LEAD transformation (such as the culture change and to ensure a buy-in from employees) is as important for the success of an implementation. These things are easy forgotten since it is much easier to focus on the systematic implementation of the tools and techniques rather than the “human” side. So you could say that the soft part is in fact the hard part.

It will be very interesting to follow the continuous work with LEAD at Unibake UK after spending a good 4 months close to their implementation. But I will also get the opportunity to follow the LEAD implementation in another part of the Lantmännen group already in my next assignment. A couple of weeks ago we got our new assignments for the last period of practice and I will be at Corporate production. Although this time I will be working with the performance management system of LEAD. I promise I will tell you more about this after the summer when the project is up and running.

But before taking on the new challenges at Corporate production there will be a recharge in Copenhagen with my fellow trainees and then a well-deserved four weeks of vacation.

Until next time, take care!

Ola Bramstorp