Moving up and down the grain value chain

It’s Friday and another stimulating working week has come to an end! Writing for the blog this time is me, Aron. I thought I’d quickly introduce myself before describing what a week in the beginning of the trainee program can look like at my first rotation at Lantmännen Unibake in Copenhagen. I’ve graduated from Lund University having studied both Business administration and Chinese Language paired with exchange studies at three different Chinese universities. I have also been working in China for around 2 years.



This week has been filled with exciting activities starting off in Stockholm with meetings connected to the Supplier Management project I am currently working on. The Copenhagen/Malmö-crew then met half way in the field to fork value chain with a visit to the Mill in Malmö in between working on our projects. Hans and Johan gave us a fantastic tour of the facilities and we can highly recommend going there. The mill has been in Malmö from 1881 (wholly owned by Lantmännen between 1917-1927 and from 1967 to today) and is not only an important part in the grain value chain today but is also a bit of well-kept Swedish industrial history!






We finished off the week by visiting one of Unibake’s production facilities in Copenhagen as well as listened in to an online presentation (together with all the other trainees) of how Lantmännen works with Sustainable Development. There are no pictures of this so instead I will share a picture of what it looks like commuting back home to Helsingborg from Copenhagen on a day with nice weather!






Have a great weekend!