Learning To Fly…

I am the first trainee ever to be recruited into the International Trainee Program at lantmännenLantmannen from UK. So for obvious reasons, I was a tiny bit nervous and a lot more excited about my first proper encounter with the company and its people at the introduction week at Sweden early September. It was the very first time I had travelled to Sweden and I must say that I fell in love with the courtesy, positive attitude and the friendliness of the people. The country itself is beautiful the surroundings of Lovik, where we stayed is truly exhilarating.

There we were, the ten graduate trainees, gathered together to spend 4 days together, to learn about each other, the organization and to get a true understanding of what a brilliant employer Lantmannen really is. Frida Tydén has been an absolute star in looking after us throughout the whole induction period. We were introduced to the CEO of Lantmannen, Per Strömberg, the HR Director Elisabeth Wallin Mononen among others and their welcoming and informative session with us made me realize that I really am in for a very stimulating future, where I will be challenged to the fullest but will also always have the company supporting me at each stage of my development. How thrilling!

Now that I am three weeks into my first placement at Lantmannen Unibake UK and am progressing towards my goal of implementing a new cost analysis system into the Milton Keynes bakery factory in order to understand the profitability of the business better. This will also ensure that the business is moving forward in the right direction for the future, which is essential to survive in the current financial climate. I am having to generate lots of different information from many different people at the business, and process them together at the end.

So far it has been a learning curve full of fun, hard work and challenges. I am looking forward to visiting Sweden next month to take part in the training module, which together with other elements, make up the structure of the 15 month training period. I love this amazing quote by Friedrich Nietzsche~ “He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying” and this puts everything into perspective for me!

Farah Latif