Lantmannen, that is L-A-N-T-M-A-NN-E-N

Based in the UK for 2 months now, I have got some new perspectives on Lantmännen…

I am currently based in Milton Keynes, UK where one of our UK bakeries is situated. The lattegoal of my project is to develop a training system that lets us keep track of and host trainings. Originally the plan was to develop a specific UK system, but as we later found out there was a corporate solution available, we decided to use it. I am really enjoying the UK and it is good to feel, live and try different cultures.

It is interesting being out in the international businesses and seeing Lantmännen from an outside-in perspective. You really see the gap between some of the central functions and international businesses. The view that is most often used in our programme is, naturally, where we look from a central point of view out in to the businesses. Therefore it is really good to get this experience where I clearly can see how hard it is to work when initiatives often are poorly communicated, Swedish is used all over the place and the Lantmännen identity is taken for granted. On the other hand, we have a strong solid group with lots of tools, it is just the communication and utilization that could be improved with more cooperation.

Being a trainee really gives me the best insight and opportunities to help creating a strong Lantmännen in the future. The ability to live abroad in different countries helps me see things from different perspectives and understanding cultural differences. This is something that I will bring with me in my future career.

Take care,