Lantmännen Greenhouse Effects – for Better Environment

It is less than one month left at this second period of the trainee program. By now, I think that all of us trainees have transitioned from former students into fully fledged Lantmännen employees. I think one of the most concrete factors making this obvious to me is all the student fairs we’re visiting, where you just one year ago visited as a student searching for future opportunities, and now, you’re on the opposite side representing a company yourself.

During the past months at R&D I have learnt a lot! This period have provided a solid ground of understanding for several areas within the Lantmännen Group since corporate R&D handle research and innovation projects in almost all areas where Lantmännen is active.

One thing that I got to experience during my time here and would like to tell you about isväxthus the Lantmännen Greenhouse! The Greenhouse is an innovation program held by corporate R&D and STING with the purpose to develop innovative ideas provided by employees within Lantmännen. STING is a business incubator who coaches the projects through seven themed workshops based upon the business model canvas. The Greenhouse is a great opportunity both for an employee to do an intrapreneurial journey, and for Lantmännen to capture and develop innovative ideas. Moreover, I believe this initiative enhances the company’s innovative culture and it is a good way to increase employees’ skills in business development.

There are currently five projects of very different origin and nature within the Greenhouse, the diversity of the projects and intrapreneurs is one of the strengths of the program, since you get all kinds of input that you wouldn’t have considered yourself. At the seventh and last workshop, the participants have the opportunity to present their finalized business model for Lantmännens Dragons Den!

The Dragons Den presentation is actually tomorrow – so enough writing, have to work on my presentation so the dragons don’t devour me!



PS. I did visit another Lantmännen facility last week, this time I visited the grain reception facility in Uppsala! Jenny Dahlén and her colleagues were great guides and showed me around.  They took me to the top of the siloes and what a view! (Unfortunately I was too impressed to take a picture from up there so you get one from down below instead) DS.